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lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

The disaster artist

I did not hit her, oh .. hi mark.

I'm sorry, I could not help it, I had to start like this, which is the review about the movie that has been made about the worst movie in history. Can it be more Rock & bolesco?
Let's talk about "The Disaster Artist"

A few years ago they proposed to see the worst movie in history. I did not know that they were talking to me, because incredibly I did not know anything about the legend of Tommy Wiseau, and about his epic story to bring to fruition the creation of his film: The room.
At that time, the movie Room, a dry room, like the good one, for which Brie Larson took the Oscar, had also appeared.
 So that proposition of seeing, so to speak, the good and the bad seemed very funny to me.

The room, the original, is a clear example of how money can be achieved. Tommy Wiseau is a clear example of that, but also that perseverance, love for cinema and friendship end up bringing you to a good port even if twenty years pass.
That what a priori was a failure can become a cult film, or put another way: everything that happens, agrees.

It does not matter if you have seen the original or not, because The disaster artist, will dazzle and surprise you in equal parts.
The film tells the true story of the production of the movie 'The Room', which has been considered "one of the worst movies in history." Directed in 2003 by Tommy Wiseau,
After becoming a real failure, the rumor, and the fame to see the worst movie in history turned it into a cult film.
 The room, has been projected in rooms -completely full- throughout North America for more than a decade.

So 'The Disaster Artist' is a comedy about two misfits in search of a dream, here we show a wonderful bromance. That is, a friendship between two men without sexual dyes. A friendship that led them to carry out a titanic project, and that James Franco, with his brother Dave, represented perfectly.
 When the world rejects them, they decide to make their own film, a marvelously frightening film thanks to their involuntarily comic moments, their scattered plots and their terrible interpretations.
It is a story of misfits that comes to fruition, because we have all felt rejected at some point in our lives.
It is so absurd at times that you have no choice but to laugh, until you remember that it is real and then the dark shadow of sadness comes over you.The disaster artist, mixes this reality turning it into fiction. what could be a black and absurd comedy, about the personality of a crazy filmmaker in the style of Ed Wood, becomes something very sad in reality, in a tremendous drama.
And it is that tommy wiseau, it is as if you were the johnny depp of pirates of the Caribbean completely drunk and scattered.
It is that completely heavy and irritating friend that we all have (at least I do) but that at heart is a good thing.

James Franco, who directs and stars in the film, leaves us an ode to all that bad cinema bad, through a good movie, which portrays a bittersweet cinema, the desire to succeed and broken toys. There is no doubt that each of the prizes that the film is taking, are totally deserved. It is a song of creative impulse over talent.
Possibly the best work of Franco, it is fun and inspired in equal parts both inside and behind the camera. Doing it in a totally respectful way, without apex of mockery, if not rather admiration for the character.

For the realization of the script have been based on the book of Greg sestero, the eternal companion of Tommy wiseau, called: my life inside the room.
Where he narrates the chaotic and crazy shooting, as well as the friendship out of the ordinary between these two men.

It is a pity that this is not triumphing at the box office, at least it is Spain, it is a wonderful product. It happens that the public often misinformed goes to the movies for the poster, and that is how parents end up taking their children to see the party of the sausages.
And in this case, the ignorance of the original film and its legend plays against the box office.
Despite being a black comedy, and that the public is tempted to that type of film, which ultimately triumph at the box office are those that teach us very bachelor bachelor parties, and not bittersweet dramedies as is the case.

Equally The disaster artist must succeed because it is a jewel. it is life itself hitting you and making your way.

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