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martes, 3 de octubre de 2017

Call me by your name

Oh, the love, the first love, the love of summer, that intensely lives that in youth.
Let's talk about love today, with intensity, with drama, because there is no other way to experience it when you are young.
Let's talk about "Call me By your name"

What brings us Call me by your name, for the clueless. Surely at this point there is still one:
Well tells us the love story, well, rather the relationship between a 17-year-old teenager called elio, summer vacation with his family in northern Italy. Elio is cute, but he's bored, he's at that point we all have when we're young, we do not even know who we are or what we want in life.
His family usually rents every summer, a room in the villa, and this time they do it to oliver, a university student who has been invited by elio's father, to live with them during the summer, and thus finish his thesis on Greco-Roman culture .
All in the middle of the summer of '83, and we already know that the nostalgia of the 80s sells, and that if love is in the Italian Tuscan more, and we bought the complete experience pack.
All of us who have made the erasmus in the country of pasta have dreamed of a wedding among the olive trees, and of traveling the country from north to south by car, drinking lambrusco.

The film is based on the novel by andre aciman that was published in 2007 and that entered the best-seller list almost immediately. The film is nominated for an Oscar, and the actor who plays Elio, Timothee Chalamet, nominates best actor,
Although armie hammer, is not nominated, delights us in the film with its wonderful mountain body, and with that, we already have a prize.
Also nominated is the script that is run by James Ivory, there is nothing, and the song the mystery of love, which you may end up hearing in a loop.

Two characters of different ages, from different places and that a priori, do not seem to fall especially well. They live a passion in a place and an intensity that could hardly be believed.
Maybe the north of Italy has this magic. Perhaps Luca Guadagnino, its director, has made us believe that everything is possible in that place.Call me by your name is a drama, and it is in spite of not having dead, nor conflicts that we have not seen before. But dear ones of mine, you will feel like you are reflected in many places, and in others you would like to be the protagonist, have made those decisions and lived those emotions. Well, as the years go by, we realize that we give a little less of ourselves each time, that each person who arrives gets a little more from our soul, and it's scary to start over.
Let the movie show you this as a slap, how little it removes the foundations.
Teaches you how to live, what else can we ask for?

The beauty is that it is one of those timeless stories that stay in your heart and in your retina long after you experience it in the third person.
Elio and Oliver are that melancholy of the past, of what was, of what could be.
And they are because we have all experienced love, and because summer love is the purest of them, and poor of those who have not lived it.
With a fresh fruit flavor and ice cream, and a peach, apricot, peach ..
which means immature, premature .. and is charged with symbolism
A lolito in the purest nabocok style
As a force of nature that you can not contain. Because love is like that, and we can not get carried away by a label that tells us if a movie deals with love in a collective, in this case homosexual, because it is not like that. With this we want to treat that it has a universe of its own, and it is not an answer to the life of Adele.

As we have all loved, we will all recognize ourselves in this film regardless of our sexual orientation.
A film so idiomatic, that Italian, English and French converge naturally. They come together to create a single language, that of awakening.

Love is feeling, and feeling is scary. There is no greater being who feels this vulnerability in the world than a teenager, who changes, who feels that his body can only indulge in today and now with urgency,
d that is what you are seeing.You go living each roze of the protagonists, each word, each intellectual game, with anxiety, with desire to materialize.Every bike ride, every tiResultado de imagen de call me by your nameme you touch it makes you want more.
Because we also all had that town where we went with our friends on bicycles in the purest blue summer style, and that fills us with nostalgia, A town where time passes very slowly. On this occasion we see the clear example that less is more in the theme of eroticism. Wanting to risk. Because time passes, in fact one of the main functions of time is to pass, and not return, and leave us with those insecurities, and that idiot face to know that we have lost the opportunity to be free, to love with passion even if only be a minute Even if it's to tell your mother or your brother that you love them. Time and its transience play an important role. As in the way of telling the story, it dilates. It's like when we were little and we were also going to the village of our grandparents, although you only spent 10 days there, it seemed like three months, and you lived everything with an intensity and clarity that did not last the rest of the year: already the characters say it when they ask themselves: what are you waiting for? Let the summer pass. But also is pedantic, is cultured, makes you feel that love frees you (you can count the times I say the word love) that takes you out of mediocrity, gives you that false sense of being special. Call me by your name, we will participate in that feeling, to feel special during the two hours of footage, and when it ends we will leave a void, which hits you painfully in places you did not know existed. Women are a point of union, but they are also the mere spectators of a world that represses them. Beings that connect others and are used as mere emotional vehicles for others, and who also live their sexual awakening as the protagonists. Love, like art, sometimes bothers, and this is one of those times. One of those that leaves you devastated, as in love, as in art, many are amateurs, but few are artists. And now seriously, the poster, you have seen it. In that poster are the javis! And like this couple who has won the favor of the public and criticizes with their love song, call me by your name, is enjoying positive reviews from both professionals and the public. In addition to taking a carreron in terms of prizes. I can only tell you that Call me by your name love, yes. Call me whatever you want, but call me.

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