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domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three ads outside of Ebbing, Missouri (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) have seen their title cut to Three ads ON the outskirts, for its premiere in Spain. Maybe because the town where the ads are placed is the least, Do not look for the town of Ebbing, which does not exist, I've already looked for you, if I'm that freaky.
A strange fact for the British-American film of 2017, written, produced and directed by Martin McDonagh. A film of drama, mystery and black comedy.

It is possible that the trimming of the title in Spain, has to do with the fact that its target audience may die at the box office before they finish saying the title, and they would only say: That, the one of the advertisements.
We know, it has happened on other occasions. For me it's a shame, because this kilometric title adds drama but we understand that no one ends up remembering the full title.

We are not telling you a spoiler, because basically the ads you see on the poster.
Actually, these posters act as mcguffin, detonating history, to speak of the blackness of the human soul, of revenge, and that sometimes the worst things are done in the name of a greater good, as they say: Hell It is paved with good intentions.
It is encouraging that this woman goes to put some traditional posters, in the era of technology, instead of making a blog, or put it on Facebook.
Accustomed to fill the social networks of bile and bad blood, this lynching public and 1.0 is the most sympathetic.

In three advertisements in the suburbs we find a mother, Mildred Hayes, played by Frances Mcdormand, who never ceases to reap rewards for this performance as a woman fighter.

Mildred is about 50 years old and her daughter has been raped and murdered.
Time has passed, and he decides to start a war against his people's police on his own, considering that they do not do enough to solve the case and do justice.
All this happens in a small town in Ebbing, Missouri, a town in the Midwestern United States.
The typical town where everyone is known, and where there is still the figure of the corrupt sheriff, which gives an air to modern western.
This courageous mother, begins a crusade against the sheriff, played by Woody Harrelson who uses as a scapegoat in the unsolved case of his daughter. Thus began a war with the police of the town and with the other inhabitants of Ebbing.
The director is the British Martin McDonagh (Hidden in witches, Seven psychopaths) and took the award for best script 3 ads at the last festival in Venice. For each phrase of the script is a poisoned sting against society, guilt, or fear. And that invites us to embrace violence and the law of talion with pleasure. The best black comedy, although laughing would have rather little, we have seen written in a long time. We highlight Frances Mcdorman, for this role as a strong mother who is taking all the awards and rightly so. Each nomination is more than deserved and justified. The only problem is that when we see her, we see Frances, that is to say, she seems to us a character made to the measure of the actress, well interpreted and with multiple edges but something that we have already seen her do and that transports us to Fargo and to consider the film very much in line with the cohen. The accompanying secondary ones that are more than that and are in a state of grace. Whoody Harrelson as the sheriff and Sam Rockwell as assistant. Characters that change and evolve during the movie All are beings with defects that fall into grace and disgrace for the viewer and end up redeeming but not in the most politically correct way. The Golden Globes as the best drama film, script, actress and supporting actor and their 7 nominations to the Oscars, confirm us that it is a movie, so well-rounded that it stands out among the village dramas that we could call after-dinner. Especially for that direction of actors so superb of which shows. Let yourself be surprised, let yourself be carried away by those script turns, those characters as dark as the soul of the devil, and as if we are in seven and open a box in the middle of the desert, let the anger explode.

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